The Broken Promised

Is a political work by New Delhi/ Jaipur based artist Shirley Bhatnagar. It was created specially for the Indian Ceramics Triennale 2018 and was shown at the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. The work is a humorous take on election promises and statements made by politicians from all over the world. On display is an over the top dinner table, with fancy teapots, soup tureens and larger than life interestingly shaped tableware, however upon closer inspection we find that nothing is actually useable or functional. A large imposing teapot seated on a pedestal has a drooping spout which negates its main … Continue reading The Broken Promised

” Series Anthropomorphic”

Anthropomorphism means to personify inanimate objects or forms. Goblet drama : Who did it ? Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic (animal features) forms have existed in clay as vessels, small modeled figurines, et al, since ancient times and across continents and cultures. In certain cultures they have taken on magical and spiritual meanings, like in depiction of deities: the Indian deity Ganesha, a boy with an elephant head, the Sphinx of Egypt, amongst others. Additionally, the world over, museums hold fantastical collections of anthropomorphic pottery.   Looking at examples and images of ancient pottery, we find symbolic anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic combinations, shown … Continue reading ” Series Anthropomorphic”

“ The quiet art of making things in clay”

As a teacher of ceramics in India in a crafts institute I was given a curriculum to follow and teach. Today courses and assignments have a set tone with sometimes predictable outcomes and very often open ended as well. After looking at numerous books and the structure of the courses taught in India . I looked within my self to ask how did I know what I did in this field, Rather how do I simplify the accumulated information I had to a young person in India. The idea was not to teach techniques or talk about influences but rather … Continue reading “ The quiet art of making things in clay”

Telling sculpture through stories

inspired from the French Movie : 400 blows or Les Quatre cents coups There was a brief period as a ceramic artist a few years ago I became obsessed with the staircase motif in my work. I constantly thought and dreamt of stairs and ladders and thought of new ways to express them through clay. I threw bowls and put a ladder in them, made towers and abstract forms and boxes and slabs and more bowls and more forms with ladders, steps, stairs and pathways in them, trying to exhaust myself with this idea, and each time a work was … Continue reading Telling sculpture through stories

Altered Factory Plates

Ready made factory plates, reglazed and with additions I bought ready fired plates and added my own clay additions. The clay additions were made previously and stuck with glaze in a refire.I plan to revisit this idea and create more works using factory stuff as the base. and here is the last one, it had a poem inscribed in clay on it, stuck with glaze. These were popular as I thought it was a familiar object , made unfamiliar and exotic. Continue reading Altered Factory Plates